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"I want to give money for research because I don't want any other families to go through all of the sad times like my family did."

~Megan Lisk, age 11

My dad died from brain cancer in 2016 when I was 9 years old. That Christmas I made my first cards to raise money for brain cancer research. Now I am making more cards to raise more money! I am donating all proceeds from my cards to the Swedish Medical Center Foundation for research being done by my dad's doctor, Dr. Charles Cobbs. I hope you enjoy my artwork.


Megan's donations to brain cancer research...

$500 ..... 12/16/2016

$1,308 ..... 5/7/2017

$540 ..... 6/14/2017

$1,077 ..... 12/15/2017


$3,425 ..... Total


Photo courtesy Rebecca Ort Photography.